Yashwantrao Chavan maharashtra Open University (YCMOU)

The Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) was established in July 1989 by Act XX- (1989) of the Maharashtra State Legislature. It is the Fifth Open University in the country. The jurisdiction of this university, originally for the State of Maharashtra, has now been extended beyond this State and the university can now operate anywhere across the globe. The YCMOU has been recognized under section 12 (B) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 (UGC). It is a member of various prestigious associations and bodies like the Association of Indian Universities (AIU), Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU), Asian Association of Open Universities (AAOU), Commonwealth of Learning (COL), Canada to name a few. The main aim of the YCMOU is to become a Mass Varsity and to make available to the common person, educational programs that are of practical use in his day-to-day life and those that provide better prospects for the future. The University offers several offline programs by undertaking a number of innovative online initiatives. The YCMOU has its headquarters at Nasik and provides support to its learners through study centers, which are spread all over the State of Maharashtra.

Special Features

  1. Emphasis on imparting vocational and technical skills
  2. Use of Latest Information and Communication Technologies
  3. Relaxed entry rules, flexibility in course combinations and credit transfer facilities.
  4. Extensive network of study centers.
  5. Scientific system of student evaluation
  6. Special attention to Quality
  7. Thrust on empirical Research.
  8. Recognition of our degrees and diplomas by other universities and professional bodies
  9. Global outreach

Abhinav has always been imparting training in vocational and IT field since past 20 + years and had focused on providing updated and quality material to students. Therefore, Abhinav was always working in association and close coordination with a reputed and renowned institution as Yashvantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU).

YCMOU and Abhinav share common objectives and the same are aimed at uplifting of the underprivileged and poor section of the society from various natives and villages, where the economic conditions of the families are not sufficient to provide food, shelter, and education and complete personal and cultural welfare of such class of people. Therefore, Abhinav has joined hands with YCMOU and both are working in tandem for the common good.

YCMOU, the university currently offers 200+ different academic programmes comprising several hundred courses (subjects). Every year, on an average, 150,000 (One Lac Fifty Thousand) new students are registered for the various programmes. The cumulative enrolment as it stands today, is in excess of 36,00,000 (Thirty Six Lac) students. YCMOU provides 10 (Ten) regional centers & over 3000 (Three Thousand). The multi – programme study centers provide various academics & student support services to these students. There are more than 4500 programme Study Centres. These Study Centres are distributed all over the state of Maharashtra, having an area of about 300000 sq. km (about 800 km north south & 600 km east west). Several thousand Counselors provide the academic inputs to the students, using a combination of face-to-face counseling as well as technology-enabled instruction. The massive volume of the distance learning system handled by the university and its overall scale of operations and achievements have contributed to YCMOU being enlisted as one of the Mega Open Universities of the world. The graphical depictions given below as well as some examination statistics that follow will give a better idea of the university’s growth and development.

YCMOU is well known for its innovative initiatives, such as:

  1. Satellite-based Education
  2. Video on Demand
  3. Environmental Awareness CDs as ‘Open Access’
  4. Mobile Learning Centre
  5. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Nashik
  6. Dai training programme
  7. Arogyamitra for Human Development Mission and NRHM

For more details, one can visit the website of the university:- https://ycmou.ac.in/innovative

The above initiatives are focus on helping the rural India, and YCMOU is consistently doing this great work for rural Maharashtra and India for a long time, since its inception in 1989 and its recognized the world over for its mass varsity and global outreach.

YCMOU offers to provide latest, technical syllabus for the three Diploma courses as a part of Learn and Earn Scheme. The certified course is offered in an integrated manner where the students shall study their courses online though android mobile and shall appear for exams every semester at the end 6 (six) months over a period of 2 years.

YCMOU shall take care of the course curriculum and contents of the syllabus. The contents of the syllabus are based on the industrial requirements and the whole study material is updated and upgraded from time to time under the supervision and guidance of highly qualified and experienced, noteworthy educationist and committee of excellent repute in the educational field.

The examination success is very encouraging for the students to get the certification while they are engaged in industrial training and that makes it more encouraging for the students as they get:

  1. Higher Education;
  2. Practical Experience in Industry and
  3. Certified Diploma Course, awarded at the end of Industrial Training of minimum 2 years

Learn and Earn Scheme – Avoidance of waste of money on taking formal education:

The best part of the integrated curriculum is that the students are “Successful” in undergoing learning while they are earning. The students and their parents are saved of incurring education and ancillary as well as incidental expenses for a normal graduation course or training course made available by other institutions in the formal education format, where students tend to spend most of the time in deviating from rather than focusing on their career and calling in their life. Where students mostly gets lost in various unavoidable activities and falls prey to obvious and non-constructive as well as unproductive activities involving leading to loss of time and monetary value to the student as well as his or her family.

The students do not have to face any “waiting period” / play a “waiting game” for getting a job opportunity as the same is circumvented while learning and earning at the same time and at the same age.

The students and their families also gets a chance to avoid “unemployment” the aspects of the same are more elaborately explained in the later part of this proposal, where YCMOU and Abhinav play a vital role in eradicating the issues of unemployment, underemployment, exploitation of workers, and crime rate.

The benefits a student and the corporate gets under the Learn and Earn Scheme are elaborately provided under the appropriate section in the later part of this proposal.

Abhinav takes pride in knowledge sharing and promoting the initiatives of State of Maharashtra in collaboration with YCMOU and values its association with YCMOU for a common objective of social welfare and transformation of India as a skillful nation.