On completion of the Training, the Establishment / Company shall issue a Certificate of Completion of Training as well as the Certificate of Character for the Apprenticeship and the same shall provide the Apprentice a platform to start a career in any other establishment or organization without any claim for employment in the concerned Establishment / Company.

Apart from the integrated technical diploma offered by the institute, the trainees shall be provided the benefit of periodical classroom training and that shall include-

  1. Understanding importance of choosing the right curriculum
  2. Career Counseling and Planning
  3. Offering to help them learn advance training and techniques
  4. Developing Organizing Skills
  5. Developing Communication Skills
  6. Developing Leadership Skills
  7. Developing their Personal Views
  8. Developing their Educational Views
  9. Developing their Financial Views
  10. Developing their Social Views
  11. Developing their Views about their nation
  12. Developing their Attitude for personal growth
  13. Developing their Aptitude for vocational training
  14. Developing their mindsets to train to embrace a better future
  15. Offering them placement assistance in industry
  16. Offering Job Placements post their Industrial and Management Training
  17. Offering to help them develop an Industrious outlook
  18. Offering to help them develop themselves as entrepreneur
  19. Offering to help nurture themselves and change their socio-economic views as Citizens
  20. Offering to help them create new opportunities in domestic, national and overseas market
  21. Offer a Life Time Support of their career