Sudhir I. Dixit — Chairman.

Sudhir I. Dixit
Mr. Sudhir Dixit, Chairman, is self motivated educationist who always believed that if nation has to progress then it is a basic need to educate the young generation of this country irrespective of their caste and creed. Mr. Sudhir Dixit has an educational background of Civil Engineering.

He has been conferred with various awards and recognitions for his contribution to the field of education over a period of 25 years. He has been a great motivation for the young talents and he adds enthusiasm, energy and enlightenment to the lives of youth. He is a firm believer in silently contributing to the overall growth of the economy through self reliance and independent youth, who are well directed and guided at a crucial time and age of their lives and take shape for transforming the nation.

Mr. Sudhir Dixit and his team has contributed to the overall transformation of young brigade of youthful and enthusiastic boys and girls in the State of Maharashtra since 1994 and the institute Abhinav is recognized for its principles

Sudhir I. Dixit

Create an industrial support system by providing energentic manpower at lower cost with long term benefits as well as cost savings for industry and providing employment prospects for youth.

AITM is Scyn with its Vision and Mission statement remains accountable towards its student and corporate world for imparting right kind of technical and skill-set training to student and providing skilled manpower resources to corproate entities