Abhinav decided to encourage and offer quality training and prompt placement offers under the “Learn and Earn” Scheme to energetic young girls and boys who are ready to transform their lives by becoming educated, skillful, and economically independent at their right age.

Abhinav and YCMOU have devised the programme in such as way that the young students shall find it easier to train themselves with theoretical knowledge on E-Learning mode and practical experience at the workplace. Where, the curriculum aims to help the young minds to use their time and help them manage their economic requirements in the most interesting ways, where the students get to use Mobile as a tool for studying for living a purposeful life and make best use of the resource available.

The Learn and Earn Scheme involves a mechanism that facilitates simultaneous opportunity to receive an offer for placement and on boarding of the Apprentice once, the Student is ready and willing to join the industrial unit. The institute offers an active online support to the enrolled students through counseling and prepares them to face interviews. The students shall adhere to the work culture and disciplines of concerned organization. The mechanism is a well sorted process, for all the concerned to be followed, where the support to students and the company is always offered by Abhinav with regular and periodical updates including reporting with details of feedback and remarks.

Abhinav offers to onboard at least 2000 (two thousand) students, every month, by conducting various events and job fairs in different Talukas, Districts in State of Maharashtra and approaching students, as well as companies, simultaneously so that there would be a complete sync and continuous flow of students vis-à-vis the requirements. Abhinav has notified 36 Districts comprising of 358 Talukas, wherein the representatives shall reach out to the prospective student, unemployed youth, underemployed jobseekers, whether girls, boys, men, and women who are willing to work and be a part of the Skill India Movement.

We, at AITM offer

  1. Opportunity to Learn and Earn
  2. Opportunity to Economical Stability and Independence and
  3. Contribution to social cause of directing a youth into a professional world

Abhinav offers Young Brigade of Girls and Boys to the Nation, which is

  1. Independent in Enterprising activities and thinking
  2. Motivated and skilled workforce Citizens
  3. Skilled Technicians with sound knowledge of technology and relevant skills
  4. Organized with Management Skills
  5. Technologically upgraded and trained in advance skill sets
  6. Certified, Educated and well directed minds devoid of any misconceptions
  7. Energetic, Enthusiastic youth as Resourceful Assets to rebuild and transform Nation – India

Abhinav sees a lot of promise in youth of India and trusts them for transforming India.